HI Friend,
I invested 10k rubles with Goldenbirds2.0
I have fix daily income 120rubles per day (3600rubles per month)
But now i have more refferal my daily income is incredible incomes.
You can view my earnings as picture shown below.
I will report the receipt to everyone often.
**Goldenbirds2.0 is russia best of money farm games.
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1) Deposit rubles first , 10k rubles (Now Promotion get to 300% silver coin for shopping birds)
2) And Promotion get free 1 red bird and 1special bird (for deposit 10k rubles)
3) You can buy 16 red birds.
4) You can deposit more or conditions you are interested
5) Earn daily profit (ex. 1 red birds = 6.84rubles per days)
6) You can withdraw profit anytime
7) You can search for refferal for pay back fast and incredible incomes.
If you have read this, then you can do like me too.
Happy for invest.
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